Maverick Physio Method

How We Work


Our free consultation is designed to assess your current situation and determine if physical therapy is the most appropriate option. If you would be best seeing a different health care provider, we will be able to refer you to the correct specialist and speed up the time-line of getting you the help you need.


The initial evaluation is aimed at assessing your current condition and making a proper diagnosis. This will include gathering a detailed history of your injury as well as a thorough, hands-on examination. Typically, treatment will start during the first session so we can initiate the rehab process as soon as possible.


Our physical therapists prioritize keeping you in your sport or activity you enjoy where possible. This is made possible by collaborating with coaches and trainers to ensure all bases are covered from a recovery and rehab standpoint. Finally, we offer each patient our direct email and business line to ensure they have 24/7 access in case questions or issues arise prior to the following visit, allowing us to make rehab program modifications more efficiently and reduce the amount of time needed for rehabilitation.

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